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While many activities are included in more than one grid for cross-curricular work, some only appear in this grid. In particular, there are opportunities for Art, through symbolic and commemorative works such as entrances, memorials and public sculpture. There is also scope for PSHE activities linked to issues of the ownership and management of public amenities. Parks and gardens can be places where we can contemplate, so RE links are also included here.

ICT is obviously central to any work done with a website; the links noted here relate to specific ICT skills such as data management, combining graphics and text and the use of design software. Click here for further ideas.




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Other (RE, PE, MFL, Music)
A close look through time         *    
Age-old oak * Life processes *          
Remembering the dead       *   * RE
De-railed! * Materials            
Entrancing entrances       *      
Planting pattern puzzlers     * * *    
Being remembered (W)       *   * RE
What’s happening?   *          
I protest!           *  
Checking churches (W)             RE (QCA Units 2d and 6e)
About churches (W)             RE (QCA Units 2d and 6e)
Animal attractions   *       *(QCA Unit 03)  
Wildlife in our park * Sc1f, Sc2/5b, QCA 4b       * Data-logging    
Tree Time Travel (W)     *Ma4 Data        
Tremendous trees (W) * *         RE (Awe and wonder)
Sport in the park           * PE
Sports kit       *(QCA unit 6b)     PE
Celebrate!   *     *    
Games and hobbies (W)   *          
Tree friends (Hillyfields Park)           *  
Read and remember (Charlton)   *          
Grand plans       *      
Write a postcard   *          
Rafting   *          
Tombs and poetry   *         RE
Opening the park   *     * (QCA Unit 3a)    
Music in the park             Music (NC 5e)
Playgrounds           * QCA Unit 06
NC 2 (active rôle as citizen)
Disappearing ponds * Sc1f, Sc2/5b, QCA 4b            
Animal farm *Sc2/5a         *(QCA Unit 03)  
Grave decisions           * RE
Open personalities   *          
Rich gifts   *   * QCA Unit 3c      
Read and remember (Leader’s Gardens)   *          
Duels and disputes           *  
Overcrowding             RE burial customs
Making it       * QCA Unit 3c      
Tree friends (Wandsworth Common)           *  
Industrial parks   *          

ICT activities

Many of the activities on the Park Explorer website lend themselves to ICT work. At the simplest level these include on-screen manipulation through typing, drop-down menus, drag and drop or mouse rollovers.

There are also opportunities for deeper ICT activities through email and uploading (see Meet in the Park). The nature of the website as a database offers extensive opportunities for children to collect and present data.

Here is a possible presentation activity to try out:

PowerPoint Park show

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a multimedia show about a London park, or a theme linking several of them.

  • Start by finding and saving a collection of images from the website. If you’ve visited any parks, you could include digital photos or even video clips in the presentation. Save all of your images in a new folder on your computer’s hard drive so you can find them all easily.
  • Don’t forget to note down a short text for each image – or at least a title which describes it. You could do this in a table in a Word or Excel file.
  • Now plan your PowerPoint show, choosing a suitable design template.
  • Give the show a title page, such as ‘A trip around Enfield’s parks’ or ‘Park People, Past and Present’.
  • Now add pictures and text to the pages, using transition effects and animations to liven up the presentation. Don’t forget to give each page a theme to make sense of the collection of images you have chosen.
  • Finish off with a suitable picture and a punchy ‘final thought’ – perhaps ‘You’ve seen the pictures, now visit the park!’
  • Invite your friends to see your slide show!


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