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'How could you find out who is the person in charge of your park?'





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Activity Canning Town Recreation Ground , Newham

Look at the photographs below of a modern playground and old playgrounds. Note whether there are any safety features and if you think the equipment looks inviting and fun for children?

Prince Regents Lane Playing fields, 12K
Prince Regents Lane Playing fields, 1984
Lyle Park 1986, 14K
Lyle Park 1986,
Modern playground equipment, 22K
Modern playground equipment



Then and now

1. Compare the photographs and make a list of 5 differences.

Do you think the modern playground is safer for children? Why?
Do you think the modern playground is more interesting for children? Why?



2. Write a paragraph to give your reasons.


Visit your local park.

Is there a chidren's play area in your park?



If yes...



1. Take a photograph of the equipment and label all the safety features and danger areas on the photograph.

Do you think the play area needs to be changed to make it safer?

2. Imagine you are going to send your photograph to the person in charge of parks.

Write a letter saying how good or how bad the play area is and what could be done to improve it.



If no...




Imagine you are going write to the person in charge of parks to say why it would be a good idea to have a play area for children in your park.

Think about where it could go in the park, how big it would be, who would use it and what features would make it interesting and safe for children.


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