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"Can you find out when each of these events took place? "




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Activity Broomfield Park , Enfield

Parks have often been used by local communities to celebrate important events.

Sometimes, VIP's and celebrities are invited to attend. At other times, the celebration may be only for local people.

Look at the pictures below of celebrations that have taken place in Broomfield Park over the years.

Click on each picture to see it in more detail.

Link to enlargement: Celebrations in Broomfield Park, 64K

Link to enlargement: Celebrations in Broomfield Park, 39K

The opening of Broomfield Park
Admiral of the Fleeet Lord Jellicoe unveils a memorial (39K)
Link to enlargement: Celebrations in Broomfield Park, 42K Link to enlargement: Celebrations in Broomfield Park, 27K
'Merrie England' pageant in the park (42K)
Fireworks in Broomfield Park celebrating the coronation (27K)
Link to enlargement: Celebrations in Broomfield Park, 52K
Fancy Dress parade in Broomfield Park

Now look at the programme that was produced for the opening ceremony for the Broomfield Park Garden of Remembrance in 1929.

Click here or on the picture below to see the details and read the complete programme (43K).

Link to enlargement: Broomfield Park opening ceremony programme, 43K

Children in the past didn't have the variety of games and entertainments you have today. Instead they visited the local park to play and be entertained.


Celebrity event!

What event would you choose to celebrate in your local park?
What celebrity would you choose to come along and take part?

Design a programme for an event in your local park. This could be, for example:

  • the opening of the playing fields
  • the opening of a new children's playground
  • the unveiling of the bandstand
  • the unveiling of a memorial

You can use pencil and paper, paints, photographs, or a computer package to do the design. Remember to include the date and time of the event, who will be there, and write down exactly what you want to happen at each stage!


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