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All Saints' Churchyard
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Activity All Saints' Churchyard, Newham
Tombs and poetry

This photograph is of the Henniker tomb in the All Saints' Churchyard.

Find out from the park information page, or from a visit to the graveyard, the names of three other people buried in the graveyard.



Write a poem

One of gravestone has a poem written on it by a friend of the person buried there.

Write your own poem about graveyards.

Do you see them as quiet places? Sad places? Places for wildlife or places for people to remember?


Visit All Saints' Churchyard and see if you can find the gravestone with the poem.

Is it a good poem, do you like it?


Henniker tomb, All saints' Churchyard, Newham, 12K
Henniker tomb, All saints' Churchyard, Newham.

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