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Technical Notes
Hi my name is 'Nosey Parker'! We'd love to have copies of your work, but it will help us greatly if any submissions are in a form we can use fairly directly on the website without having to do too much additional preparation. That way we can spend more time on exciting project work and less on boring technical matters!

All submissions should be in an electronic format and emailed as attachments to [email protected]

Written work should be in MS-Word format, a plain text file (.TXT) or in the body of the email message.

Any submitted pictures or photographs should be scanned or prepared as digital photographs and saved in JPEG (preferred) or GIF format and emailed as attachments. They should be prepared so that they are at a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) and no larger than 450 pixels wide or deep.

PLEASE do not email any files which are more than 60kb in size - if you have bigger files you want to send, please email us first without the attachments to ask advice!

Any standard graphics editing programme will enable you to set these format standards - if in doubt, refer to your graphics program's manual or help files.

If you are sending files of documents, photographs or objects which you did not make yourself, or you do not own the copyright, please give details of the source and owner and details of permissions sought and granted. Do not assume that if you found the resource on the web, it will be copyright free. We will not publish any resources on this site for which the copyright is unclear, and we will not bear any responsibilty for publication of submitted material for which you do not own the copyright.

If you wish material which you submit to have a copyright statement declaring your own rights in it, please let us know exactly what form of words you would like to use for the caption.

We regret that we cannot accept any printed materials or objects - they must be photographed or scanned and prepared as electronic files before you submit them.


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