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Activity Topic 4: Really Wild
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Wildlife in our Park

Carry out wildlife surveys in your local park. Look for

  • birds
  • mammals
  • invertebrates (animals without a backbone)
Ducks and geese, 16K
Animal watching

With a partner or in a group, go to a local park where you think you may be able to spot some wildlife.

Spend 15 minutes observation on each group.


There are a number of great identification guides and websites to help you find out which species is which!

Click here for some ideas on where to look.

Make a tally chart

Identify the different species (types) and count how many of each you see.

Make and fill in a tally chart like the one shown below:

Birds Mammals Invertebrates

Make a list here of all the species of birds you see




Make a list here of all the species of mammals you see
Make a list here of all the species of invertebrates you see
Look at your data.
  Looking at your data, answer the questions below:
Which animals are the most common?
How many are people’s pets?
How many are wild animals?
Are there animals on the sheet that you have not seen?
Why didn’t you see them?
Seasonal animals
  Visit the park during the spring, summer, autumn, and winter! Compare your data.

Working as a group with the computer, find out how to put all the data you have collected into a spreadsheet or data collection program.

See if you can produce graphs, pie charts and other kinds of diagrams using your data!

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