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Activity Topic 3: Designer Spaces
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Planting Pattern Puzzlers

Park gardeners often use blocks of different colours and sizes of plants and flowers to create different patterns in the park's flower beds.

Sometimes, gardeners may use flowers to create a design which celebrates or commemorates a particular person, event or organisation.


Look at the examples below of different planting patterns.

Flower designs 1, 16K
Flower designs 2, 16K
Flower designs 3, 19K
Flower designs 4, 14K
Flower designs 5, 15K

Design a flower bed

What event, organisation or person would you like to see commemorated in flowers in your local park?
  Draw a design for a flower bed, remembering to keep the design simple and using only a few different colours - the gardener will only have a few different coloured plants he can use. Remember, you can have white as a colour, but not black!
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