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Work, Rest & Play
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Activity Topic 5: Work, Rest and Play
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Sport in the park

Look very closely at the sporting photographs below.

Label the activities by choosing from the drop down list.

Sport photograph, 15K

Sport photograph, 10K

See enlargement (41K)
See enlargement (38K)
Sport photograph, 12K Sport photograph, 9K
See enlargement (38K)
See enlargement (36K)
Sport photograph, 13K Sport photograph, 13K
See enlargement (39K)
See enlargement (39K)
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What can you tell from these photographs?
  Write down your answers to the questions below:
What do you notice about the people taking part in the activities?
How old do you think the pictures are?
Do you notice anything unusual in the pictures?
What do you think people's attitudes to sport were in those days?
What are the benefits of taking part in these activities?
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