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Plashet Park
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Wildlife in our parks





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Activity Plashet Park, Newham
Animal farm

Plashet Zoo began in 1964 with birds and waterfowl.

Later other animals including goats, ponies, wallabies, llamas and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs were added as the zoo developed.

Children's Corner, 25K
Old photograph of
Children's Corner, Plashet Zoo.


Modern city farms and zoos


Do you think city farms and zoos are a good idea?
Write a paragraph giving your reasons.

Have you visited a city farm or zoo?
How healthy and happy did the animals appear to be?


Write a letter from a city farm animal to his country cousin describing where he lives and how he spends his day.



Happy animals

Choose an animal you would find in a city farm and find out how you would have to take care of it.

  • What would it need to eat?
  • Where would it need to live - in water, a field, a building?
  • Would it need friends?

Design the ideal area for your animal to live in your local park.


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