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Design & Technology

Parks and gardens are designed spaces for use by people and as such are a good place to study Design and Technology. Their main value will be in introducing design ideas for development in class.

There are also many examples of the interesting use of materials for designers, including iron, wood and even plants. Small scale publicly accessible structures such as bandstands, shelters and playground installations offer further inspiration for school work.




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Breadth of study & QCA schemes Links
Remembering the dead *         RE, PSHE
Entrancing entrances *     *   Art & design
Planting pattern puzzlers *     *    
Sports kit *     *   Art & design
Games and hobbies (W) *       QCA Unit 1b  
Enter the park (Jubilee & Central Parks) *     *   Art & design
Enter the park (Trent Park) *     *   Art & design
Grand plans *         Art & design
Music in the park *       QCA Unit 6a  
Playgrounds *       QCA Unit 1b  
Buildings and structures *       QCA Unit 6a  
Fair points *          
Making it *     * QCA Unit 6c Art & design
A trip to the park 4K  

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