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Royal Victoria Gardens
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Activity Royal Victoria Gardens, Newham
Buildings and Structures

Look at the old photographs below of the Royal Victoria gardens.

Write down what you think each building or structure was used for. Give your reasons.

Building 1, 19K

Building 1, 13K

1 2
Building 3, 14K
Visit the Royal Victoria Gardens and find out if these buildings are still there today.

Some parks have very strange structures in them!

Look at the old photograph below. It is of an unusual structure built in the Royal Victoria Gardens.

Odd structure, 23K

Odd structure,
Royal Victoria Gardens


What is it?


Unfortunately there are no records that tell us more about this structure. All the photograph had written on the back was the word 'Sunlounge'.

Look closely at the photograph and use your imagination to answer the questions below:

What do you think this structure was used for?
Where do you think would have been a good location in the park to build this structure? Why?

Do you know anyone who remembers it? Iif so, go to 'Meet in the Park' and let us know!


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