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Jubilee Park
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Re-read the text about the history of Jubilee Park to help you with this activity.

You may also like to look at the history of the other park to compare.

See Central Park, Newham.




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Activity Jubilee Park , Enfield
Enter the park

The entrance to a park can give you some clues about its history.


Compare the photograph below of the entrance to Jubilee Park with the photograph of the entrance to Central park, Newham.

What can they tell you about the history of each of the parks?

Jubilee park. 11K Central park, Newham. 11K
What impression does the Jubilee Park gates make?
Does the park look welcoming? Explain your answer.
Does the entrance tell you what to expect in the park?
Draw it!

Design a new entrance to Jubilee Park.

Would you keep any part of the existing entrance? Use your design to show how the park is used today as well as reflecting its history.


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