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Activity Topic 4: Really Wild
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Wildlife in our Park
Collecting samples

There are a number of ways you can safely catch and examine mini-beasts such as beetles, spiders and flies within parks and gardens. For some, you will need to prepare some equipment beforehand, including collecting jars and specimen trays.

This page gives four ideas for collecting, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your materials.


Click on the links below, then print out your very own collection guides.

Pooter, 25K Sweep Nets, 8K
Sweep Nets
Beating Tray, 13K   Pit falls, 10K
Beating Tray and Mirrors
Pit fall traps

You may also find the following equipment useful:

  • Identification charts (see here for some suggestions)
  • Magnifiers
  • White Spoons
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