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Activity Topic 4: Really Wild
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Tremendous Trees

To do this activity you will need:

1. a blindfold
2. plain paper
3. a pencil
4. crayons
Discover a tree

Visit your local park.

1. Choose a big tree for your partner to explore. Don’t tell them which one it is!

2. Blindfold them.

3. Carefully spin them around three times. You are now ready to take them on a journey of discovery.

4. When you reach the tree, encourage them to feel the bark and the roots.

Image of trees, 12K

What shape are they?

Is the tree rough or smooth?

Are plants growing on it?

Can you find a leaf?

What does the tree smell like?

Can they hear any sounds?
Image of a tree, 12K

5. With their blind fold still on, take your partner back to the starting point. Take the blindfold off.

6. Give them two minutes to find their tree again!

7. It’s your turn now…


  What species (type) is your tree?
Check out the Tremendous Tree Type Spotter's Guide below to identify your tree.
Tremendous Tree Type Spotter's Guide (39K)

Keep a record of your tree

Do a quick sketch of your tree and make a bark rubbing. Take a leaf back to school to make a leaf print.


Give the tree a personality!

Write a short poem describing its qualities and imagining all the things it might have seen in its long life.



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