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Activity Topic 4: Really Wild
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Tree Time Travel

To do this activity you will need:

1. a tape measure
2. plain paper
3. a piece of chalk

How tall is your tree?

  How could you measure the height of your tree? You would need a very long ruler!

Visit your local park.

Choose a tree for this activity and then follow these simple steps to measure the height of your tree:

1. Get a partner to measure your height.

2. Stand next to the tree with your partner 10m away.

3. Your partner holds up a stick at arms length.

4. They must line the top of the stick with your head. Mark the stick with chalk where it lines up with your feet.

5. Estimate how many times the marked length goes into the height of the tree.

6. Multiply your height by this number to work out how tall your tree is.

Measuring stick, 18K

How much taller is your tree than you?


Now go to the next page to find out how old your tree is and what was happening in history when it first started to grow!

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