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Activity Topic 3: Designer Spaces
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Park Stuff

Parks contain much more than just trees and flowers! People have put lots of different objects in parks to make them more useful and safe, or as memorials or celebrations.

What kind of objects, facilities and monuments are there in your local park? You can use the worksheet on this page to conduct a survey.


This activity is designed to be done by a class or group. Divide into a number of smal groups, and allocate each group a number of objects to survey.

You can do the survey in a number of different parks and compare the results using the data you collect in tables, charts and graphs.


Activities worksheet: Park Stuff

Adobe Acrobat, 40K

Barking Road Rec, Newham, 23K
Barking Road Rec, Newham.

You might find this useful! It's a glossary of some of the more unusual things you may find in the park - print it out and take it with you!


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