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Activity Topic 2: People's parks
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Park Memories

Mrs Dixon lived near Battersea Park at the beginning of the 20th century. Click on the 'play' buttons below to hear some of her memories of the park at that time.

"I had only to turn the corner, and there were the gates"
"There were deer, wallabies and peacocks"
"One often saw Queen Mary taking the air in an open landau"
"A gentleman could only skate if accompanied by a lady"
"The large tea-house was a happy meeting-place of a Sunday"
"As I got older, I played tennis"
Mrs Dixon, 20kb
Record your memories
  What would you say about using the park today? Write a short script about how you and other people use the park, and what you can do and see in it. Record your memories onto audio tape or video tape. What do you think people in 100 years would think if they listened to it?
Other people's memories

Ask members of your family or older friends what they can remember about using the park. Are their memories the same as yours?

If they agree, record an interview with them on audio tape or video tape, and keep it along with your own memories.


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