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Lyle Park, Silvertown
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'If you are unable to see the enlargements by clicking on the photograph active areas, use the links under the photograph.'





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Activity Lyle Park, Silvertown , Newham
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Explore the aerial photograph of Lyle Park below. Rolling over the park will highlight its position. Click on details in the photograph to see enlargements.

See close-up of park, 40K
Close-up of park (40K) Close-up of wharf (33K)
Close-up of storage (35K) Close-up of factory (21K)

Find an Ordnance Survey map or A-Z of the area, or use the link below to see an online map.

Link to
Notice how the park is surrounded by factories and works.

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Read the introduction text.


Now answer the following questions, giving your reasons for your answers.


Why do you think the park is where it is?


Why do you think it is such an odd shape?


Why would the park have had a positive effect on the factory workers?


Do you know of any other parks which were originally factory or industrial sites? Where are they?

How do they differ from Lyle Park?

Look at Jubilee Park, Enfield.
Are there any factories or derelict sites in your area which you think could be turned into a park.

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See close-up of wharf, 33K See close-up of factory, 21K See close-up of storage, 35K