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The London Borough of Wandsworth is home to many beautiful and important parks, gardens, open spaces and burial grounds. There are also some very ancient commons in and around the borough which have provided open spaces for local residents for many centuries.



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Borough: Wandsworth
Visit 1. All Saints' Churchyard, Tooting Visit 2. All Saints' Churchyard, Wandsworth 23. Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields, 3. Alton Estate (Alton East and Alton West), 22. Putney Vale Cemetery and Cremetorium Visit 33. Wandsworth Common Visit 4. Battersea Park Visit 5. Christchurch  Gardens Visit 6. Clapham Common Visit 7. Coronation Gardens Visit 8. Dover House Road estate (including The Pleasance Open Space) Visit 9. Furzedown Recreation Ground Visit 10. Garratt Green Visit 11. Godley Road Recreation Ground Visit 12. Huguenot Burial  Ground Visit 13. King George's Park Visit 14. Latchmere Recreation Ground Visit 15. Leader's Gardens Visit 16. Montefiore Gardens Visit 17. Putney Heath Visit 18. Putney Lower Common Visit 19. Putney Lower Common Cemetery 25. St Anne's Churchyard, 24. Royal Victoria Patrotic Building Grounds, 32. Wandsworth Cemetery. Visit 20. Putney Old Burial Ground Visit 21.  Putney Park  lane Visit 26. St Mary the Virgin Churchyard Visit 27. St Mary's Cemetery Visit 28. St Mary's Churchyard Visit 29. St Nicholas Churchyard Visit 30. Tooting Common Visit 31. Tooting Gardens Visit 34. Wandsworth Park Visit 35. Wandsworth Society of Friends Burial Ground
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1 All Saints' Churchyard, Tooting
2 All Saints' Churchyard, Wandsworth
3 Alton Estate (Alton East and Alton West)
4 Battersea Park
5 Christchurch Gardens
6 Clapham Common
7 Coronation Gardens
8 Dover House Road Estate (including The Pleasance Open Space)
9 Furzedown Recreation Ground
10 Garratt Green
11 Godley Road Recreation Ground

12 Huguenot Burial Ground

13 King George's Park
14 Latchmere Recreation Ground
15 Leader's Gardens
16 Montefiore Gardens
17 Putney Heath
18 Putney Lower Common
19 Putney Lower Common Cemetery
20 Putney Old Burial Ground
21 Putney Park Lane
22 Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium
23 Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields
24 Royal Victoria Patriotic Building Grounds

25 St Anne's Churchyard
26 St Mary the Virgin Churchyard
27 St Mary's Cemetery
28 St Mary's Churchyard
29 St Nicholas Churchyard
30 Tooting Common
31 Tooting Gardens
32 Wandsworth Cemetery
33 Wandsworth Common
34 Wandsworth Park
35 Wandsworth Society of Friends Burial Ground

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