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Oxleas Woodlands
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Activity Oxleas Woodlands , Greenwich
I Protest!
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Imagine that builders have been given permission to build flats, houses and shops on some of the heath and woodland.


What effect do you think this will have?


Think about both the positive and negative effects that this might have. The new houses may help to make the area look smarter, and may give people homes in an area where it is difficult to buy a house.

Think about how the park is used. Do lots of people use it? What do they use it for? How important is it?

You might like to look at a map to see how many other green spaces and woodlands there are in the surrounding area.

See map



Print out the table and use it to list the positive and negative effects of the proposed development.



Decide if you think this proposed development would be a good idea or a bad idea.

Write a paragraph of text explaining your reasons.


Did you know

In the 1980's, Oxleas Woodlands were threatened by a new road development. After a massive local and national protest, the proposals were dropped.


Design a poster

Design a poster to tell other people why it would be a good or a bad thing to develop your local park.

What images could you use to help people understand what they are gaining or losing? Think of a slogan which could inspire or persuade people.

How could you get people to support your campaign?


Did you know 2

Protesting about development of parks is not new! In 1870 a huge public appeal was started when it was proposed to re-develop Wandsworth Common.


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