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Maryon Park and Gilbert's Pits
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Activity Maryon Park and Gilbert's Pits , Greenwich
Look closely

Children in the past didn't have the variety of games and entertainments you have today. Instead they visited the local park to play and be entertained.


Look closely

Look closely at the photograph and details of the Children's recreation Ground, Maryon Park. Then try to answer the questions below.

How many different games can you see being played?
How many different kinds of playground equipment are there?
What have the children brought with them to the park to play with? What would you take to the park?

Why do you think only girls are playing in the park?


Hint! Look closely at the photograph, there is a separate playground in the top left of the picture.


Look at the girls' clothes. What would you normally wear to the park? Do you think the clothes they are wearing are better or worse, and why?



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