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Bostall Heath and Bostall Woods
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See if you can find out more about Dick Turpin.








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Activity Bostall Heath and Bostall Woods , Greenwich
Changing landscape

Bostall Hill Woolwich Road Fountain Keepers Cottage Bostall Lodge Bostall House Pine Cottage Wickham Lane Cemetery Lane Lodge Lane Old Chalk Pit Bostall or Old Park Wood Goldie Leigh Lodge


Look closely at the above map of Bostall Wood from 1893. If you cannot read the text, or see the full road name, roll your cursor over the word.



  Now look at a modern map of the area. You can either use an Ordnance Survey map or A-Z, or use the link below to look at a map online.

See modern map



Compare then and now

Look closely at the map above and the modern map and write down your answers to the questions below:

Which roads shown on the 1893 map are still used today? Which modern road used to be a simple track?
Which building is now a modern hospital?
Which buildings no longer survive?
Which sport is now played in the wood?
What is now built in the Old Chalk Pit?
What do you think is the biggest change? Why do you think this has happened?

Dick Turpin, a famous highwayman, was supposed to have hidden in Bostall Woods to escape capture.

Visit Bostall Woods and imagine what it would have been like to be Dick Turpin hiding in the woods. Write a paragraph describing where you were hiding and what happened to you.


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