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Activity Blackheath , Greenwich
Past times

Children in the past didn't have the variety of games and entertainments you have today. Instead they visited the local park to play and be entertained.

Children on donkeys, Blacheath, Greenwich, 29K
Children riding donkeys,
Blackheath, Greenwich.



Think about how children use Blackheath today. Are there things for children to do, or events to go to?




How you use your park

Ask your partner the following questions and write down their answers. Then swap over.

What do you do when you visit Blackheath?
Who do you normally go with?
How often do you go?
Have you been to a special event or festival in the park?
What type of event or festival would you like to see in the park?

Devise a questionnaire so you can ask other people such as family and friends how they use the park today. Ask adults how they used the park when they were children.

Compare the results with other members of your class and present your answers in a table or graph or table, or in a spreadsheet.


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