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Activity Grovelands Park , Enfield
Grid Walk

You can find out a lot about a park or garden by looking at a map or plan of the space - or sometimes, if it's available, even an aerial photograph.

If you can't find a plan of your local park, perhaps you could make one!


Below is a map of Grovelands Park when it was first opened in 1913. There is a grid with reference letters and numbers on the map so that you can easily identify different places.

To give a grid reference, you first say which LETTER square the place is in, then the NUMBER square. So for example, on the plan below, the entrance to the park is at grid reference A2.

  Grovelands Park, 50K
At what grid reference is most of Grovelands Mansion?
Give one of the three grid references in which the lake lies.
Can you see the lavatories marked on the map? What is their grid reference?
On which two grid references are the tennis courts? (type them both, with 'and' between them).
What would you find at grid reference B3?



Compare the Park

You can see a modern map of Grovelands Park by looking at the multimap system - click here to see it.

What features are the same in Grovelands Park today to 1913? What has changed? Make a list.


Find the feature

Print out the map from 1913 and take it with you on a visit to Grovelands Park. See if you can find all the features you identified as being the same today, and make a note of their grid reference on your plan.

Find FIVE more features, see where they are on your plan, and write down the name of the feature and its grid reference.


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