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Meet in the park

Nosey Parker

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Meet in the park!
Wildlife In Your Playground - Gallions Mount Primary School, Greenwich & Merryhills Primary School, Enfield

You don't need to go far to find out about wildlife.  If you can't go to the park today, why not try looking in your garden, or in the school playground? The children at these two schools discovered all sorts of animals and plants just a few steps away from their classroom!.

At Gallions Mount, there is a wildlife corner in their school grounds, with trees, bushes, a stile, and lots of logs lying on the ground. Year Four children found ants, slugs, woodlice, worms, and many other invertebrates living there.  They also have a pond in the school grounds, which was full of frogspawn, when they looked at it.

At Merryhills, the children looked at both the trees and the animals in their playground, and were surprised by the number of species they found there.

Gallions Mount Primary School
Merryhills Primary School



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