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Meet in the park

Nosey Parker

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Meet in the park!
Meet a Tree - Roman Road Primary School, Newham & Furzedown Primary School, Wandsworth

Year 4 children from Roman Road Primary School walked to the East Ham Nature Reserve, to look at the plants and trees in winter. They played 'Meet a Tree' in pairs. One person blindfolded the other, then led them by the hand to a tree, and let them feel the trunk, bark and branches. The blindfolded child was led away, and the blindfold was then removed; their task was then to see if they could find and identify 'their' tree.  The game is not as easy as it sounds, but it's a lot of fun!

Furzedown Primary School tried the same game in the woods on Tooting Bec Common.

Roman Road Roman Road
Furzedown Furzedown



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