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Meet in the park!
Great gates! - Furzedown Primary School, Wandsworth & St Monica's RC Primary School, Enfield

Year Two children from Furzedown Primary School in Wandsworth looked at the pictures of park gates on the 'Entrancing Entrances' pages of the 'Designer Spaces' section of the website.  They discussed what materials they were made of, and whether they thought the gates looked inviting and friendly.  Then they went on a walk to their local park, Furzedown Recreation Ground.  They made careful drawings of the gate into the Rec.  After walking back to school, they drew pictures of the fun, friendly, colourful gates they would like to see inviting people into the park.

Year Four Children from Saint Monica's visited Broomfield Park. The park's 50th anniversary fell in 1953, the year Queen Elizabeth was crowned. To celebrate both events, a special gate was built into the park.  The children drew pictures of the gate, and made rubbings of the borough coat of arms, and the carved stone inscription there. They found that the clues on the gate told them a lot about the history of the park, and the surrounding area!

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