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Activity Topic 1: Through the years
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Look at the images of parks below.

Which one is the odd one out, and why?

1. Royal Victoria Gardens, 12K

2. Stratford Park, 16K

1. Royal Victoria Gardens,
North Woolwich, Greenwich.

2. Stratford Park,

3. Well Hall Pleasaunce, 14K 4. St Luke's Church, 13K

3. Well Hall Pleasaunce,
Greenwich, 1950

4. St Luke's Church,
Old Charlton, Greenwich.
Leader's Park, 15K
5. Leader's Park,

Odd one out...

Write below which image is the odd one out and give your reason.

Check your answer
Imagine the railings have been removed from the images.
How would this affect the area?
Are there advantages and disadvantages of having railings?
  Fill in the table and then print your ideas. Compare with other pupils.

Did you know?
In the past, people could graze their animals in London parks?!

Sheep, 16K
Flock of sheep in West Ham Park, Newham. c. 1890
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