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Activity Topic 1: Through the years
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Remembering the dead

People weren't only killed in battle.

Look at the photograph below. How did these people die? What year were they killed?

Find the answer by rolling over the photograph and clicking on the active area, or using the 'see detail' link on the right.

Image of graveyard, 34K Click to see the answer, 10K
West ham, Cemetery
See detail

Air Raids

What do you know about Air Raids on London?

Write a paragraph in the box below:

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Find out more about air raid trenches by visiting the activity for Clapham Common:

Giving Shelter
How else have the war dead been remembered?
See a clue (31K)
Why is this a good way of remembering them?
Do you know of any other memorials to people who have been killed during a conflict?
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