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Borough: Wandsworth
Royal Victoria Patriotic Building Grounds
All Saints' Churchyard 16k
Royal Victoria Patriotic Building Grounds  
The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building was a school for the orphaned children of servicemen in the Crimean War, built in 1857-59. It was on land enclosed from Wandsworth Common purchased through patriotic funds in 1854; Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone in 1857. The main front has a tower over the central entrance with a statue of St George and the Dragon in a niche, with lower corner towers. The Chapel was added in 1864-66. Part of the grounds were used for a boys' school in 1871, later sold to Emanuel Hospital in 1880, and part were used for farm purposes. The London County Council purchased this latter area in 1912 in order to return it to the common.

During World War I the RVPB was used as a hospital but later became vacant until 1951 when the LCC purchased the buildings and surrounding land for educaitonal and housing. Spencer Park Secondary School was opened in 1957 using the old RVPB as well as additional buildings, but closed in 1974 after which the RVPB was not used until the 1980s when it was restored.

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