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Borough: Enfield
Millfield House Arts Centre & St David's Park
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Millfield House  
First mention of Millfield House appears in 1796 when it belonged to John Wigston of Trent Park. In December of that year it was let to the Imperial Ambassador, probably Graf Ludwig von Starhemberg, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the German Empire. In 1828 Robert Mushet of the Royal Mint died there at which time it was valued at 6,300.

It was then sold in 1849 to the Strand Union Guardians for a school for London workhouse children and over the next 40 years various extensions were made to the house which by 1897 housed about 400 poor children. The school was partially self-supporting with two meadows, a few acres of cultivated land and a herd of cows and some pigs. The children were also taught trades: the boys, tailoring, shoemaking and carpentry; the girls, housework, needlework and laundering.

The school was closed in 1913 and at the beginning of World War I housed Belgian refugees. In 1915 Millfield House was converted by the Metropolitan Asylums Board into the St David Hospital for Epileptics which it remained until 1971 when it was acquired by London Borough of Enfield. Extensive renovations and the demolition of some of the old workhouse buildings ensued, although a lodge and outbuilding from the workhouse period remain as well as an early C20th lodge. It was re-opened as an Arts Centre in 1979 and the whole complex now encompasses Millfield Theatre and Weir Hall Library in addition to Millfield House Arts Centre. Beneath an area of laurel shrubbery is one of the few remaining communal air raid shelters in Enfield. Beyond the gardens is St David's Play Area which leads to an area of landscaping to the busy roads, and adjacent to Millfield Theatre complex, with which Millfield House shares the entrance from Silver Street.

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